System as a Services

Intellipro has groomed a sophisticated IT team specializing in rendering a wide variety of software development services with the aim of resolving critical customer issues and problems in order to generate business outcomes to enhance the operation workflow of our customers’ entire enterprises. Based on this service pledge, we are committed to providing a full range of customized software development services including from IT consulting, software engineering, solution design, software product development, integration services, software maintenance and support. Intellipro prides on serving as software development provider for our customers to get industry-leading innovative solutions to manage their dynamic business issues.

Our experienced expertise are always ready to render various kinds of comprehensive software system services, customized solutions and development tools to support small companies and large enterprises in implementing business process automation, increasing employee efficiency and reducing operational costs.
Services include:

Complex work flow management systems development

Customer support ticket tracking and management software development

Console tools development for reduction of employee manual work

File processing and parsing software development

Report management and automation solutions development

Software development

ERP System

CRM System

Financial and Accounting System

Inventory and Asset Management System

DMS Data Management System

Media Content Management Solutions

Customized System

Logistics and Fulfillment Solutions